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Potomac is one of seven superior paw paw varieties release by plant breeder Neal Peterson. Potomac has a huge fruit- larger than susquehanna! Extremely fleshy, very low seed percentage. This variety grows in a more upright fashion than others. Fruit is creamy, rich and sweet.

The Peterson line of paw paws were developed by Neal Peterson, a West Virginia pawpaw breeder. His varieties are some of the highest quality available and as such are highly sought after. Neal has released seven varieties- each worthy of being in any self-respecting collectors backyard orchard. Perry Paw Paws is one of two licensed propagators of Peterson Paw Paws in the state of Michigan. We proudly carry all seven of Neals varieties.

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Pawpaws (Asimina triloba) are native to the eastern half of North America. They grow as far north as Michigan and Ontario and as far south as southern Florida. They are adaptable and can be found growing outside of their native range in places like the west coast of North America as well as parts of Europe. Although they are native to a temperate climate, they are the only member of their plant family (Annonaceae) that are cold hardy. As it’s relatives are all tropical, the pawpaw brings a taste of the tropics to the more northern latitudes.

The tree looks like a tropical plant which makes it a beautiful specimen for the back yard landscape and the fruit has a tropical flavor as well. With hints of banana, pineapple and mango with the texture of a ripe avocado. Pawpaw fruit isn’t just delicious, it is highly nutritious as well, being high in protein, vitamins and minerals. The fruit of named varieties can weigh up to a pound and be 6 or more inches long. For a tree, pawpaw is small. The tree will slowly reach a mature size of 20’x20’ which makes it a great addition to any back yard space. Pawpaw is suitable for even the most inexperienced growers as it is highly pest and disease resistant when planted in its native range.


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